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Recent Listings

Single Family Home


2,503 Sq Ft.  •  5 Beds  •  3 Baths

495 Divi Dr.
San Francisco, CA 39244

Single Family Home


1,654 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  2 Baths

564 Elegant Ave.
San Francisco, CA 39244

Single Family Home


2,938 Sq Ft.  •  5 Beds  •  4 Baths

6578 Monarch St.
San Jose, CA 28344

Office Space


5,452 Sq Ft.  •  3 Spaces

123 Extra Ct.
San Francisco, CA 39222



1,854 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  1 Baths

8965 Bloom Blvd. #604
Berkeley, CA 91882



650 Sq Ft.  •  1 Beds  •  1 Baths

3542 Blue Sky Dr. #301
San Francisco, CA 39841

Navigating the journey to find our perfect home was a daunting task, but with the guidance and support of kayaostojic, it became an exciting adventure. From understanding our preferences to exploring various neighborhoods, they were with us every step of the way. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, we found our dream home and couldn’t be happier!

Diana Davis

Happy Buyer

As first-time homebuyers, we were overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the perfect home. However, working with kayaostojic made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Their attention to detail, patience, and genuine care for our needs helped us navigate through the complexities of the real estate market. We’re now settled into our ideal home, and we have kayaostojic to thank for making our dream a reality!

Jessica Bowen

Happy Renter

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