10 festive ways to decorate your bedroom for Christmas this year

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Looking for Christmas bedroom decorating ideas? The holiday season is well and truly here, and with the year we’ve had, we’re going all out with our decor and leaving no space untouched – and that includes our bedroom.

If you’re not sure how to dress your bedroom up for the holidays, let this be your guide. It’s tricky to strike the balance between all-out stylish bedroom ideas, and practicality when it comes to Christmas bedroom decor, but these ideas we’ve rounded up manage to do just that, creating the perfect wintery haven with serious festive flair. Read on to get inspired – then head to our Christmas decorating ideas gallery for more.

1. Hang up string lights for a twinkling effect

Is there anything more instantly festive than string lights? They make a great addition to any space come winter, and as a bonus, they act as mood lighting for some serious ambience. String up along a headboard, lay across your window sill or dresser or hang along the wall over your bed for the most perfect Christmas bedroom decor around.

2. Get the stockings at the ready

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom like this beautiful space, you can dress it up to the max with a garland and hang your stockings from it for a more traditional take. No fireplace? No problem! Hang from the handle of your wardrobe door, on the edge of your bed, or prop up nicely in a corner, and keep your fingers crossed that it soon fills up with treats.

3. Make a statement feature with Christmas decor above your bed

If you have a) the time and b) the inclination, getting crafty by creating your own festive feature for your bedroom wall or ceiling is a great way to get in the holiday mood. We love a natural take on the trend like this design, which uses twigs and leaves as a base from which to hang sparkling stars.

4. Add a wreath to your winter bedroom decor

Christmas wreaths aren’t just for your front door – a tasteful dried arrangement, or even a freshly-made one, can look beautiful hung up in any room, but especially over a bed in a bedroom. You could also make mini wreaths, usually crafted from a brass wire and minimally adorned, to place on top of a pillow or at the end of a bed.

This is how to make a Christmas wreath if you want some entertainment!

5. Switch up your bedding with something subtly seasonal…

The easiest and perhaps cheapest way to update your Christmas bedroom decor is by switching up your bedding with something a little more festive. Tartan-inspired designs like this is a classic, or opt for something with a simple festive pattern or subtle embroidery for a gentle nod to the season.

6. … Or go all-out on Christmas bedroom decor with a fully festive design

Not interested in being subtle this season? We hear you! There’s no time like Christmas to go for something a little louder when it comes to your decor, so go all out with a bedding set that screams ‘IT’S THE HOLIDAYS’ from the rooftops, if that’s your bag.

7. Hang baubles up high for an easy festive shelfie

We love baubles adorning a tree, but they work just as well hanging off a shelf, headboard or mirror, too. This stunning design features quirky patterned baubles, including our favourite leopard print design, hung amongst lush trailing plants for a festive jungle feel.

8. Get cozy and snuggle up with textured layers

You’ve likely added a few cozy throws and cushions to your bedroom decor now it’s winter, but if not, make it top of your to-do list now. Wool blankets, knitted cushions, patterned bedspreads and sheepskin all layer up for a truly wintery bedroom scene – and with cold weather on the way, you’ll never want to leave your super snuggly bed.

9. Keep it simple with pared-back festive accessories

We can’t all be maximalists, so if your style is more ‘peaceful winter scene’ than ‘Christmas factory explosion’, this one’s for you. Keep things simple with a few tasteful additions that tie into your scheme while nodding to the holiday season, too. This Scandi Christmas decor scheme uses subtle paper star decorations and a sprinkling of festive string lights to achieve a pared-back festive look.

10. Add an adults-only Christmas tree to your scheme 

Okay, so this one isn’t for those of us with tiny box rooms, but incorporating a Christmas tree into your bedroom – whether it’s full-sized (lucky you) or a mini tabletop version – is a way to fully embrace the season. Use it to display all the baubles that are too delicate to be anywhere near your child/cat/dog, or to place presents from you and your partner to each other for later in the day, after the chaos of the kids’ present-opening time.