11 best Valentine’s Day gifts for mom that she’ll love

At dinner with my best friend recently, I told her I was working on a super-important work assignment.

“I need to come up with a list of what we (moms) really want for Valentine’s Day,” I told her over a bottle of wine, which I knew would definitely make the list.

We’re in a pandemic, and it’s been a tough year for most moms, so I wanted my list to be filled with things that would make moms feel spoiled, relaxed, appreciated and pampered. We’re aware of our shortcomings: The pounds we could stand to lose or the good habits we should work to build. But what moms need this Valentine’s Day, in particular, isn’t another online health program or a skin cream guaranteed to make us look less tired.

We are tired. And we deserve luxurious gifts that make our lives feel richer, calmer and easier.

I’m lucky to have a bestie who, like me, appreciates a good bottle of wine, a soft pair of pajamas or sparkly pair of statement earrings. So we drank a fabulous bottle of red and talked about all the things we’d love to be gifted with this Valentine’s Day.

And now, I’m sharing our list with you. Whether you’re a mom looking for ideas to plant in your partner’s brain before the big day or you’re shopping for the deserving lady in your life, I’ve rounded up some of our greatest ideas and favorite products.

A relaxing bedroom oasis

I mean it, moms are tired. At the end of a day of chasing kids and keeping all the things together, we’d love nothing more than to retire to a bedroom appointed with everything we need for a restful night’s sleep.

Vitruvi Rose Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

I own a lot of essential oil diffusers, but this ceramic diffuser from Vitruvi is hands-down my favorite. Not only does it look beautiful on my bedroom dresser, but it emits an adjustable light and, paired with Vitruvi’s Sleep Blend, it’s become an essential part of my nighttime routine.

Celestial Silk Pillowcases

Mom will snooze soundly on these soft silk pillowcases, available in more than 10 colors to perfectly match her bedroom decor. In addition to being soft and cool to the touch, these silk pillowcases are made from Celestial Silk’s DiamondSilk proprietary blend of pure mulberry silk to treat Mom’s hair and skin with a gentle touch while she sleeps.

Allyson Block Designs Mama Bear Mug

“Adored, loving” and “protector” are a few of the words listed on this sweet mug from the Allyson Block Designs Etsy shop. Mom can take a soothing cup of tea to bed and read through the meaningful words listed on the mug as she unwinds.

Yogibo Max Bean Bag Couch

I have fantasies of creating a luxurious reading nook in my bedroom, and this bean bag couch from Yogibo would be the perfect spot to lounge and devour my latest read. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to coordinate with any space.

Casper Percale Sheet Set

These softly woven percale sheets from Casper are the perfect bedding for Mom to curl up in at the end of a long day. And, the variety of colors like driftwood gray and dusty rose pink make it simple to match with any bedroom decor.

Wonderboom 2 Portable Speaker

While Mom is showering, folding laundry or enjoying some alone time in her room, she’ll love blasting her favorite tunes on this sweet red bluetooth speaker.

Accessories as unique as she is

Commercials may tote the promise that jewelry is best on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes moms would pass up those expensive diamond studs or blingy necklaces for a piece of jewelry or a bag that really matches her personality.

Bauble Bar Sip Sip Hooray Drop Earrings

Cheers to moms! A perfect sparkly statement earring, these beautiful pearl and glass drop-style earrings are a toast-worthy gift for moms who love interesting pieces of jewelry.

Casetify Cartoon Mickey Watch Band

Does Mom love her Apple Watch? With this adorable Mickey Mouse watch band from Casetify, she can coordinate her band with Apple’s Mickey Mouse watch face for a perfect combo.

Lele Sadoughi Pearl Heart Button Earrings

They may be heart-tastic, but I love wearing these simple statement earrings from Lele Sadoughi year-round. Gift them to Mom for Valentine’s Day and know she’ll enjoy the classic pearl design throughout the year with lots of different outfits.

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Wishbeads are a beautiful and creative series of jewelry that have hidden compartments where Mom can write down intentions or wishes she’d like to see come to pass and tuck them away inside each piece.

Bauble Bar Mini Alidia Ring

The color variations available on this simple ring are truly swoon-worthy, from an emerald and blue combo to a simple clear color. Mom will love wearing these rings, either alone or stacked together, as a reminder of how much her people appreciate her.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Bag

This mini backpack comes in several beautiful colors and is perfect for the items Mom needs to carry while on the go. From zipper pockets to hold essentials to a side pocket for a water bottle, it’s the perfect bag for moms who’ve moved past the diaper bag phase and want something more stylish to tote around town.

Products that pamper perfectly

When it comes to makeup, lotions and potions, moms often pick products out for themselves on a Target run or a trip to the mall. These unique ideas, however, are ones she may not have thought of.

Fragrancenet.com Purple Lux Monthly Perfume Subscription

For the mom who changes her perfume preference frequently, Fragrancenet.com recently launched a perfume subscription service. For $9.95 a month, Mom gets to choose which monthly scent she’d like to receive, and will get a travel-sized atomizer of perfume delivered to her door. Each atomizer has approximately 125 sprays of perfume and is the perfect size to toss into a purse or take on a trip.

Mineral Air Complexion Starter Kit

This airbrush foundation kit is truly unique: After choosing her preferred shade, Mom will receive a kit that includes a one-touch air misting device that lightly sprays a perfect coat of foundation onto the skin. For added coverage, multiple coats may be added. The rechargeable application device is easy to clean and comes with a cleaning solution in addition to the mineral foundation. In addition to the luxurious feel of the mineral foundation on my skin, one of my favorite things about Mineral Air was the tool on their website that uses your device’s camera to match the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Aloisia Beauty Self-Care Rituals Gift Set

This beauty gift box from Aloisia is designed to rejuvenate Mom’s skin and her spirit. Inside each box is a pack of seven different sheet masks designed to brighten and soothe the skin. Mom will also find a beautiful rose quartz facial roller and a soothing aloe facial spray, as well as sweet self-care cards that lead mom through activities designed to remind her of the importance of taking care of herself.

Demeter Pixie Dust Fragrance

This light, sugary, fruity fragrance from Demeter channels thoughts of fairy tale magic and is perfect for Mom to spritz on every day, regardless of the occasion.

Luxurious and comfortable loungewear

During the pandemic, we’re leaving the house a lot less. Loungewear has become a daily must-have, but that doesn’t mean Mom needs to feel sloppy. These comfortable pajamas and athleisure wear are guaranteed to make her feel great while staying comfy.

JJwinks Hostess Maxi Nightgown

Since I first tried on this buttery soft jersey nightgown, sleeping in this maxi style from JJwinks has become a must-do. And it’s more than just comfortable: As my kids get older, I’m a bit more conscious of pajama tops being too transparent, and JJwinks has me covered in that area, literally. The gowns have a “light hug” elastic shelf inside to comfortably support the breasts during sleep and feature some strategically-placed shirring in the front for “extra nipple camouflage.”

Lululemon Align Crop Legging

For a long time I’ve wondered if Lululemon leggings are worth the hype, and since trying them a few months ago I can confidently say they are. These butter soft leggings are super comfortable and the waist stays in place and never rolls down. At $88 a pop, they’re something Mom may not buy for herself, so it’s the perfect splurge for a gift.

Felina Geena French Terry Lounge Set

This soft French terry lounge set from Felina has become a favorite for days spent lounging around the house. Some of my favorite features are the wide crew neckline, which makes the top super comfortable, and the striped detailing on the sleeves, waist and legs. It’s also available in two beautiful colors: dark gray and dusty pink.

The Anna Love Sweatshirt

Womenswear brand Alivia created this “love” sweatshirt using original artwork from a young woman who has autism. For every purchase of this soft crew pullover, Alivia will also donate $13 to the Center for All Abilities, an organization that offers integrated art and life skills classes for people who have special needs and those who are neurotypical.

Cozy Earth Ultra Soft Bamboo Jogger Pant

These incredibly soft jogger pants were among Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2020 and come in gorgeous colors from navy to ivory. The bamboo fabric is extra breathable, making the joggers a great option for wearing inside and outside the home.

Lovey-dovey (but not too cheesy) Valentine’s Day treats

We may roll our eyes at overly commercialized displays of love, but there are some Valentine’s Day-themed items that would make any mom smile.

Old World Christmas “I Love You” Heart Ornament

Old World Christmas’ beautiful glass ornaments are one of my favorite additions to my Christmas tree. And, as someone who puts up a small Valentine’s Day tree as part of my holiday decor, this gorgeous “I Love You” heart would be a sweet reminder that my family appreciates me when displayed for either (or both!) holidays.

DiscountGlasses.com Westend Hartford Heart Sunglasses

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These adorable sunnies may feel a bit extra for most parts of the year, but in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day, they’re absolute rose-colored perfection. I love the charming pink grapefruit lens shade and get lots of compliments on them when I wear them out and about.

BFFs & Babes “Heart U Most” Sweatshirt

Remind Mom she’s loved with these soft, handmade sweatshirts from Etsy shop BFFs & Babes. Sweatshirts can be personalized with two names and an “&” in between so Mom steps out in a cozy top that shows off her true love’s feelings in style. Wearing my “Andrew & Terri” sweatshirt gives me old-timey vibes of lovers carving initials into tree trunks, only I get to wear the sentiment on a soft pink sweatshirt instead.

Bauble Bar Herz Stud Earring

These sweet Bauble Bar earrings are tiny hearts that make the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day outfit. And, they’re bedazzled with some extra red sparkles for good measure. Mom will love wearing these studs through the month of February and beyond.

A little bit of kitchen bling

Cooking and cleaning may feel like a chore sometimes, but moms do enjoy a good fancy kitchen appliance or accessory. We’re here for these kitchen splurges that make cooking more fun.

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer

My previous stand mixer had been a wedding gift 15 years ago and while it held up well, I wasn’t aware how much I needed an upgrade until I added this Wolf Gourmet stand mixer to my kitchen. Not only does this stainless steel mixer look gorgeous on my counter, but it’s powerful and efficient for all my cooking needs, from making mashed potatoes to baking cakes.

Levo Home Infuser

Lavender honey butter? Rosemary garlic olive oil? Items Mom used to shop for at the grocery store are now easy to infuse from home with this beautiful kitchen appliance from Levo. All that’s needed to create amazing and fresh flavor combinations are plants, liquid and an airtight container.

Made In Personalized Chef Knife

Hands off Mom’s knife! This personalized 8-inch chef’s knife from Made In is sturdy and sharp, making it a great all-purpose knife for mom’s mealtime adventures. My family knows not to touch my knife, after all, since it has my name on it! Also, Made In cares so much about Mom’s safety that the knife comes with a cute little bandage for any nicks that occur while getting used to her new blade.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Heart

This heart-shaped Dutch oven is available for a limited time for Valentine’s Day. With all the quality of standard Le Creuset Dutch oven, Mom will be sure to use the colorful cookware year-round.

Some bar cart (or wine rack) swag

Entertaining with or enjoying an evening cocktail can be fun and relaxing, and so can the creative accessories that exist to accompany those margaritas or that bottle of Cab.

Corkcicle 25-Ounce Classic Canteen

Whether I’m carrying a bottle of wine to a friend’s boat, the beach or a picnic in the park, this 25-ounce canteen from Corkcicle is my go-to way to keep wine at the perfect temperature. Added bonuses include no longer needing to bring a corkscrew and not worrying about a glass bottle breaking on the go. And, most Corkcicle canteens can be coordinated with stemless wine cups for a truly beautiful set.

Graham + Fisk’s Wine in a Can Valentine’s Day Assortment

An assortment of wine may be more fun for Mom than Valentine’s chocolates! This eight-pack of wines from Graham + Fisk includes four cans each of red wine and rosé with bubbles, so there’s something delicious inside to pair with any Valentine’s Day treat.

VoChill Personal Wine Chiller

I live in Florida where it’s often hot, and even red wine needs a bit of a chill. Enter this personal wine chiller: Simply freeze the cooling element until it’s wine time, then rest your glass in the unit to keep wine chilled to the perfect temperature.

Dry Farm Wines Boxed Assortment

Dry Farm Wines come from small farmers across Europe and are sustainably farmed, low in sugar and lab tested to be toxin-free. Let mom enjoy her own at-home wine tasting by sending an assorted box of reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines or a mix!

Rae Dunn “Wine Tea” Round Clock

Is it wine time yet? This cute and quirky clock from designer Rae Dunn lives above the bar cart in my kitchen and makes an adorable addition to my home decor.

Made In Glassware Set

These lightweight wine glasses from Made In are favorites in my home because they feel fancy in our hand and are shaped to really reflect the flavor and nose of the wines we drink. While the glasses feel paper-thin, they’re dishwasher-safe so Mom won’t spend time hand-washing each glass after a meal. And, the stems of the glasses are titanium-enforced to help prevent breakage.

Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Move over peanut butter cups! This unique whiskey contains real peanut butter and can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

For someone else to cook

The pandemic may prevent Mom from going out for a romantic dinner, but that sure doesn’t mean she wants to get stuck cooking or cleaning on Valentine’s Day. These simple meal kits and services take the pressure off.

Omaha Steaks Sweetheart Surf and Turf

Think Mom would love a delicious Valentine’s Day meal at home? This incredible surf and turf kit from Omaha Steaks comes with filet mignon, lobster tails, side dishes, a decadent chocolate soufflé and more. It’s the perfect special dinner and comes with simple instructions for cooking and prepping at home.

Freshly Meal Subscription Service

By giving Mom a Freshly gift card, she can choose fresh (not frozen) chef-cooked meals that come already prepared and can be heated and served within three minutes. I’ve had delicious chicken tikka masala from Freshly in addition to other amazing meals, and they’ve made dinner time in my house an absolute snap.

Luke’s Lobster Lobster, Pasta and Chocolate Dinner Kit

Get fresh lobster meat and fettuccine pasta along with Maine-made chocolates in this meal kit from Luke’s Lobster. Simply use the lobster and pasta to create your own favorite recipe or follow the enclosed recipe for a decadent Valentine’s Day meal.

A way to preserve memories

Moms are often the keeper of all family memories, snapping photos with their phone and insisting kids “SMILE” for the camera even when they’re being difficult. What better way to thank the lady who plays the role of family historian than a photo gift.

PhotoShare Smart Frame

This digital photo frame allows Mom to see a rotating set of photos, all of which get uploaded by either herself or family members who have access to the frame via the internet or an app. Watching family memories scroll by on our PhotoShare is great fun not only for me, but for my husband and kids, as well. And, it proves that all those “annoying” photos I make my family pose for really are worth it in the end.

Chatbooks Monthly Minis

At just $5 a month, this subscription service from Chatbooks is the perfect way for mom to organize all those photos she takes on her phone. Each month, mom can fill a soft cover 5” X 5” photo book with her favorite images, then store them away for a year-in-review session at the end of the year.

A creative way to relax

Moms get so busy that often, we can’t remember what we like to do to relax. These curated ways to relax are sure to help Mom chill out and reconnect with herself.

Jiggy Ella Fitzgerald 500-Piece Puzzle

Other than the stunning print of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, my favorite thing about this 500-piece puzzle from Jiggy is that it comes with special puzzle glue for preserving your masterpiece once it’s complete. Jiggy also recommends listening to the album “Ella: The Lost Berlin Tapes” while you assemble the puzzle, creating the perfect relaxing evening.

Cricut Joy Card-Making Bundle

If Mom’s been toying with the idea of getting a Cricut, this all-in-one bundle featuring the Cricut Joy and all Mom needs to create lots of beautiful cards is a great gift to let her try out the creative cutting tool.

A cozy throw

When the kids go to bed and the wine and binge-watching commence, spoil mom rotten with one of these decadent throw blankets.

Magic Wrap Poncho

Designed to let a loved one know you’re thinking of them, the Magic Wrap is a poncho-meets-throw-blanket that even has pockets. I love wrapping myself in my Magic Wrap on chilly evenings, and my dog likes that it’s big enough for her to snuggle under it with me. It’s also ultra-soft and cuddly, which is always a bonus in my book.

Italic Ribbed Cashmere Throw

Moms may not be quick to splurge on an expensive throw blanket for themselves, but they’re guaranteed to love being treated to a decadent cashmere throw like this ribbed version from Italic. Each time Mom wraps up with this charming blanket on the couch, she’s sure to remember she’s loved.

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