The private jet version of the Boeing 787 can cost more than $200 million and fly over 18 hours. Take a look at some its most luxurious designs.

Inside a BBJ 787 Dreamliner.
Inside a BBJ 787 Dreamliner.

Deer Jet/Greenpoint Technologies/Boeing

  • The Boeing Business Jet 787 is the private jet version of Boeing’s bestselling 787 Dreamliner.

  • The Dreamliner kicked off a next-generation revolution with its fuel-efficient engines and aerodynamically-friendly features. 

  • The private variant of the jet costs upwards of $200 million and fly to nearly any city on Earth non-stop.

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The 787 Dreamliner is one of Boeing’s most popular twin-engine wide-bodies thanks to its fuel efficiency, lower operating costs, and passenger-friendly amenities, which have proven to be endearing qualities for airlines and private owners alike.

As with all of its bestsellers, the manufacturer also offers the aircraft as part of its Boeing Business Jet line-up, which caters to the ultra-elite that require airliner-sized private jets when they travel. Unlike its wide-body siblings, however, the 787 Dreamliner can make its flyers feel good about taking to

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Designer Achille Salvagni on the Power of Pushups and the Definition of Success

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The designer Achille Salvagni is known for an aesthetic that combines modernity and restraint with a keen appreciation of age-old skills and luxe materials such as bronze, onyx and mahogany. Salvagni freely acknowledges his debt to the architectural heritage of Rome and its living craft traditions; his designs are made to the highest of specifications for an exacting global clientele. But for all his love of the ancients, he also feels a kinship with more recent masters such as Gio Ponti and Jean-Michel Frank and spent a year and a half earlier in his career studying at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. Consequently, Salvagni is very much his own man, a contemporary figure as happy designing an interior for a superyacht as for a palazzo. One of his latest projects has been for himself: He opens a new showroom in London this spring.

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An Eclectic Home With “Good Vibes” and Personality to Spare

There are DIY wannabes—and then there’s jewelry and fashion designer Ambre Dahan, who purchased her dream five-bedroom home in Los Angeles, then designed and decorated the entire thing herself. As in, without a contractor. “I painted everything. I redid all the bathrooms. I redid the kitchen. Put gates outside. I did some of the garden. I painted the kitchen floors,” she says over coffee in New York City’s Bowery Hotel during Fashion Week. “But I loved it. I’m a designer, so for me, design is all the same.”

When she first bought the 1920s-era house in 2017, she was lured by its sprawling garden, giant pool, metal windows, and good vibes, but she also couldn’t resist the house’s backstory. The seller was screenwriter Barbara Turner, who raised her two daughters there (one of them is actress Jennifer Jason Leigh); Dahan would be moving in with her own two daughters. (It’s

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Pregnant Bekah Martinez Tells Nick Viall to ‘Please Get Off’ Her Bed During Hilarious Home Tour

Nick Viall got a personal tour of Bekah Martinez’s L.A. apartment — and the result was downright hilarious. 

The two-time Bachelorette runner-up, 39, stopped by Martinez’s humble abode to check out how the Bachelor season 22 fan favorite, 25, has set up the home she shares with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, along with their one-year-old daughter, Ruth, and soon, their second child

The tour is part of Viall’s new video series with bedding company Brooklinen called Reality TV Apartments, where he peeks inside the homes of Bachelor Nation alums. 

Standing outside Martinez’s place, Viall breaks down the series’s premise, describing it as “the show where we take an in-depth look at your favorite reality TV stars and their not-so glamorous lives.”

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Martinez, who he calls by her show nickname “Baby Bekah,” opens

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