5 tips to give your house the ‘Royal’ twist

a dining room table: 5 tips to give your house the 'Royal' twist

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5 tips to give your house the ‘Royal’ twist

The wanderlust inside each one of us continues to grow as we reminisce about the days when we could travel to the ‘Havelis’ of Rajasthan, the navabi forts of Lucknow and the palaces of Agra. The grandeur of these heritage destinations is awe-inspiring.

The beauty emanated by heritage buildings takes you back a few centuries with remarkable designs of hardwood credenzas, the regal dining sets and the elegant bookshelves that radiate elegance giving us the royal feel. While many palaces are still intact, some have been transformed into luxury hotels to give us the experience of ‘palace’ life.

These heritage buildings built on the concept of ‘old is gold’ see a massive turnout both nationally and globally. As we cannot enjoy the ‘kingsize’ life outside of our homes, we can always give a royal makeover to our house.

Kanchan Mishra, Senior Director, Furniture, Beauty, Personal Care, Baby care, Flipkart suggests these simple tips that can help you transform your house into a royal, palace-like space.

Four Poster Beds for the King size sleep

Four Poster beds add a unique royal touch to your bedroom with its elite elegance. Whether they are minimally designed or fully loaded with intricate solid wood structure, these beds add a dash of regality to your bedroom. Add solid coloured satin bed sheets and pair it up with translucent curtains around the posters to give it the ultimate heritage feel.

Antique chaise lounge or thrones

We have all seen the grandeur of a chaise lounge in various period movies and shows. The style and elegance of a chaise lounge are unmatched. If you wish to give your house a Victorian makeover or even a Mughal touch, a simple chaise lounge in your living room will help you accomplish the royal look. Select the one which goes with your decor theme and pair it up with velvet upholstery for the best results.

Chandeliers for the Common Room

Illuminate your house with a beautiful chandelier that takes you back to the 5-star, palace-like aura. There are various types of chandeliers in the market like Candle, Antlers, Crystal, Glass, etc. that go with different kinds of decor. If you like large chandeliers, go for Crystal, Bowl or Caged designs as they cannot go unnoticed! For minimal designs, choose from bearded or glass chandeliers.

Enjoy the royal ‘Daawat’

Live like a king or queen and eat like one too! The Daawat was an integral part of any regime where guests came together and enjoyed an elaborate meal. Turn your simple dining area into a Daawat venue by adding a solid wood or marble dining set that comes with intricate designs and upholstery. Go for sets that provide a rotating panel so you can serve a large gathering without moving around. Add a table cloth that matches with your decor and voila! You have a Daawat room ready.

Create your own regal library

In the olden days when the digital forms of entertainment were non-existent, royals enjoyed their time at home by spending hours reading in their libraries which was an integral part of any palace. Given the space constraints today, you can build a small dedicated space to enjoy your leisure time. Go for the kind of bookshelves that can be embedded into the wall so that you’re saving space, pair it up with a study table or lounge chair for a comfortable reading session.

Honourable mentions: If you want to go all out and truly transform your house into a personal heritage abode, go for authentic marble flooring for your living room and wooden flooring for your bedroom. You can also choose a muted or pastel colour theme for your house that gives it a classy look. Lastly, go for antique decor like large vases and designer mirrors to add the final royal touch to your house.

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