Black Bear Trailer: Aubrey Plaza Plays a Couple’s Disturbed House Guest


Lawrence Michael Levine‘s Black Bear was one of the many movies I missed at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, but I heard mostly good things about it, and now there’s a new trailer for the indie drama that you can check out below.

Aubrey Plaza stars as Allison, a filmmaker who arrives at a remote lake house to play guest to a troubled couple (Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon) who have eschewed their life in the city after inheriting a family retreat. Battling writer’s block, Allison sparks a calculated game of desire and jealousy in pursuit of a new work that blurs the boundaries of autobiography and invention. Black Bear aims to explore the complex nature of relationships, gender dynamics, and the erratic nature of love as it traces the conflict between our lust and our longing for internal harmony.


Image via Sundance Film Festival

Plaza also produced Black Bear along with Jonny Blitstein and Julie Christeas of Tandem Pictures, as well as Richard J. Bosner, Marina Grasic, Jai Khanna, Sophia Takal and writer-director Levine, who wrote and produced Takal’s Always Shine and previously wrote and directed Wild Canaries.

I’ve gotta say, I don’t know what to make of this movie based on this trailer, but I’m a fan of this cast. Not only did I recently flip for Abbott’s other Sundance movie, Possessor, but just last night I watched Gadon’s charming new movie Vampires vs. the Bronx on Netflix, and I really liked what she brought to her part. Meanwhile, Plaza has proven she thrives playing disturbed characters with her performances in Ingrid Goes West and FX’s Legion.

Black Bear is slated for release on Dec. 4, though it’s unclear whether it will play in select theaters or debut exclusively on VOD and digital platforms. Watch the trailer below, and click here to watch our interview with the film’s cast at Sundance earlier this year.