Design Recipes: How to make your bedroom your favorite room in the house

Louetta R. Clark

For many people, the bedroom is a key room, one in which much of the day is spent. From a design standpoint, it’s a place into which you may want to invest in elevating your decor.

How do you make a bedroom your favorite room in the house?

Create a mood

To help springboard your design vision, ask yourself a series of questions. How do you want your bedroom space to make you feel? Do you want the space to feel warm and cozy or cool and tranquil? Whatever you choose, you are going to want to make the right selections that will help set the right balance. Warm colors will help make a space feel cozy, while cool colors will create a more tranquil and calm feeling.

Select a design aesthetic

What is your aesthetic? Modern or traditional? Once you know your own personal style and desire, this will provide direction as you select the perfect bedding. More modern? Think of clean elements, such as piping or stripes and clean, graphic prints. Traditional? Look for soft fabrics and small simple prints.

What is the most important upgrade you should make to a bedroom?

Do you love your bed? Will it stand the test of time? Quality really should be a driving force when it comes to selecting a bed. Look for a bed made out of sturdy and strong materials. If selecting a bed with upholstered elements, consider materials such as leather or stain-resistant fabrics. Next should be your selection of a long-lasting foundation, meaning a high-quality mattress. Choosing a mattress should be done with great care. If possible, see, touch and feel the product in person. After mattress selection, concentrate on top of bed, focusing on great quality sheets, pillows and duvet inserts and covers.

When designing a bed from scratch, what should top your list?


When creating the ideal bed, a key designer tip is layering. Many designers believe this is the secret to a sumptuous bed. While a great mattress is essential, don’t overlook the opportunity to create beauty in the top-of-bed selections.

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This story was originally published January 10, 2022 5:30 AM.

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