HI-CHEW fantasy house in Palm Springs: Take a look inside


Palm Springs’ new Hi-CHEW fantasy home feels a ton like what may possibly materialize if you gave a 7-year-previous a bunch of sweet and then permit them decorate just one of the city’s beloved midcentury present day properties. 

The designers seem to be to have looked around our honest metropolis and considered, “this is great, but you know what would make it even nicer? If it have been a lot more like Katy Perry’s iconic ‘California Gurls’ music video clip.” (If you have somehow neglected, which is the a person in which she prances all-around with Snoop Dogg in a planet of candy and weird fluffy pink clouds.) 

There’s no Snoop, sadly, but just about every thing else is there: The vivid shades, an too much to handle volume of sequins, cushions that seem like clouds, a great deal of California sun and some very seriously flashy swimsuits (OK so all those who come to the house actually have to provide these, but who would want to exhibit up without having a single?). 

Joann Hsu, HI-CHEW senior brand marketing manager, stands inside the pop-up "HI-CHEW Fantasy House" during a tour for media in Palm Springs, Calif., on June 23, 2022.

Then, there is the candy, which can be found rather significantly just about everywhere — and everywhere — you glance. Other than, of system, all this sweet is Hello-CHEW, the fruity, gum-like Japanese confection that is at the heart of this hottest promoting-stunt-occur-to-daily life in the desert. 

The “fantasy” house is actually just a standard house in the Heat Sands neighborhood with its interior temporarily overhauled into a monument to sugar and candy colours. Why Palm Springs? As one particular of the brand’s reps advised us, it really is simply because Palm Springs “feels like a fantasy spot, and this is a fantasy dwelling.”

I suppose we should really be flattered by that.

Unfortunately, the only people who will be capable to stay in the property are the winner of an April sweepstakes place on by the Hello-CHEW brand name and a few friends. The winner, who hails from Ventura County, was scheduled to get there at the dwelling on Friday and devote the weekend there prior to leaving on Sunday.  The full detail will then get disassembled future week. (Jamie Caiazzo, a single of the PR reps for Hi-CHEW who was present at the house, did say there might be a different Hello-CHEW property sometime, despite the fact that there are no rapid ideas.)

That indicates the closest most Coachella Valley people will get to this Hello-CHEW heaven is getting a gander at the decidedly understated exterior. Which, by the way, you are going to recognize only from the colorful panels lining the garage in a discouraging tease of the bonanza of, uh, eye candy that lies out of access inside of. 

Signs with quotes from some of the people who entered the sweepstakes to stay in the house are dispersed throughout the house. The sweepstakes ask those who entered to submit a statement about why they love HI-CHEW.

So when The Desert Sunlight was provided a probability to be between the handful of fortunate souls to stop by the property prior to it was turned about to the sweepstakes winner, well, I and a photographer knew we couldn’t extremely very well say no. Following all, we had a journalistic duty to our readers to satisfy, and satisfy it we did. Here’s what we noticed inside of. 


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