Home Décor Ideas for Creating a Harry Potter Themed Guesthouse

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Creating a Harry Potter themed bedroom is so exciting and a lot of fun, either you are doing it with friends or family or alone. Replicating Hogwarts ideas in your bedroom is not stressful, all you need to do is follow the guide below:

Choose a color or paint a mural

Choose your favorite among the colors of the Hogwarts houses; scarlet and gold, yellow and black, blue and bronze, or green and silver. But if you are a diehard fan of Harry Potter and you have some money to spare, you can paint a mural.

Decorate the room with symbols or movie posters

You can decorate your room with banners, items that you saw in the movies or read in the books, or just with posters. You can also get toys or statues of your favorite house’s animal; lion, badger, eagle, serpent. Additionally, you can put up the movie posters on the walls or use a marker to write the name of your house on the wall. You can also draw a picture of your favorite character on the wall.

Get soft furnishings and a bookshelf

To get a Hogwarts themed bedroom, you can put curtains around your bed just like students who live in the dormitory do. You can also use Harry Potter pillows, bedsheets, etc. If this is too over the top for you, you can just change the sheets to the color of your favorite house. Get a bookshelf if you do not have one and place books on it. Put your Harry Potter books on the topmost part so that you can easily reach them and people can see how you love them. Ensure you creatively display the books. You can check furniture shop reviews to know which furniture store sells the right type of lighting you might need.

Put some Harry Potter things around the room

Paint a picture of someone on a broomstick and put it as a fancy book cover on your books, or you can paint a piece of stick to look like a wand. Print out some Harry Potter pictures from the internet and hang on a bulletin board. You can even get a Harry Potter Character Halloween costume for Halloween and other special events. You can also include some stuff such as a stuffed animal owl, a model of a broomstick, etc.

Get good lighting for your home

To make sure that other decorations make your guesthouse as colorful as you want it, you need to get good lighting for it. Measure the size of your home and get lights that are commensurate with it. Also, go for colors that do not throw the guesthouse into total disarray. You might want to use candle stands and look for bulbs that are shaped like candles to give a similar lighting to what is obtainable in the Harry Potter movie. You can also decide to make the lighting of your dining table to look like the night sky to replicate what is obtainable in the Harry Potter dining room. For the right lighting equipment, you could consider patronizing Bellacor.

Frame Harry Potter’s quotes

There are many lovely quotes from the movie or book that you should consider framing. Specifically, look for the ones that speak to you and copy them out if you take pride in your handwriting. If not, you can print them out and hang the frames on the wall. You can also gift them to Harry Potter fans like you.