Jersey Shore condo to Beach Townhouse Update

Jersey Shore condo to Beach Townhouse Update

Hello there strangers!  Here I am to very clear out the cobwebs of this dusty corner of the interwebs to carry you an update.  Last drop we moved out of our seashore condo and moved down the street into a beach townhouse. (Im even now very substantially living in Brooklyn and I will hardly ever depart NYC so no concerns there!) It really is not rather a good “Seaside Home” but getting at any time so a great deal nearer to living my Nancy Meyers / Diane Keaton One thing Has Acquired to Give desires – at least on the weekends and in New Jersey.  Ok probably it is really much more Snooki than Diane Keaton but let me have my fantansies!

Whilst we generally planned on making some (okay, a large amount of) adjustments, we thought we could wait a yr or two to deal with these.  It did not choose lengthy to know those plans ended up heading out the window and particular matters had to improve instantly.  One thing lead to a further, yada, yada, yada…and we ended up in comprehensive renovation mode.  

stay footage of me just after I recognized we could not just live with it as is.

Many thanks to covid and supply chain and a lot of other very little bitty things that add up, we have been functioning on the world’s slowest renovation at any time.  Thankfully we are ever so bit by bit having towards the complete line of our initial projects and I am energized to share all those with you.  

Now you are all caught up.  For all those of you who abide by me on instagram or tiktok you already know all this so thanks for looking through.  For those people of you are nevertheless weblog only readers, I hope you still recall me.

We have completed 2 toilet renovations and are nearly performed with the kitchen.  But these require a large amount more backstory.  So let us close out present-day publish with a hyperlapse video of the Mr. & I in our pajamas earning our patio into a small outside residing area (while our indoor residing room is torn to shreds!).

@brooklynlimestone Outside residing room update for this #smallspace balcony #coastalgrandmother #coastalstyle #outdoorliving #patiogoals ♬ son original – LOUIS RODRIGUEZ✨

Not going to lie. Im truly delighted with how this turned out even with it getting just a random selection of items I identified at large box stores. It truly normally takes this small patio from useless outdoor area to outside living place.

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