Revamp Your Kid’s Bedroom Into A Wonderland With This Guide

Designing your kid’s bedroom is something people are very cautious about. The little changes here and there could lay a strong impact on your child’s brain. Which is the reason why the decor, setup, and everything in your kid’s room must be meticulously done.

From the colours to the kind of impressions you are using, everything must be well thought. So, take a look at the following guide to makeover your kid’s room and transform it into a wonderful place where your kid loves to hang out and chill.

Clean Up The Mess

a bedroom with a desk and chair in a room: kids room decor

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kids room decor

We’re sure when we are talking about a kid’s room, it would be messy. So, the first step is to start cleaning your room and cleaning involves removing all the big furniture pieces and decor items that are already there in the room.

Take your time and allow the entire process to take place systematically. Store the furniture and decor pieces elsewhere. Now thoroughly clean the floor and ceiling of the room to accomplish your plans for the room.

Start Planning

a bedroom with a bed in a room: kids room decor

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kids room decor

Now that your room is clean, you can go ahead and think of really cool plans and ways to revamp(DIY home decor flowers) your kid’s room. Jot down your plans on paper and also take inputs from your child. It is definitely important to understand how your child wants his room to be like.

And then analyze the plans and tick the most practical and space-friendly plans. There a few things that you must keep in mind and they are your child’s room must not be devoid of space. Even if the room is small, you must arrange the furniture in such a way the room does not look like a dorm. Secondly do not try to use very big and hefty furniture pieces, go for smart options like murphy beds and foldable tables for better space planning.

Change The Colour Theme

kids room decor

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kids room decor

Makeover means complete makeover, for a child if even a single thing resembles the prior setup, he shall not appreciate it much so right from the paint change everything. Use light shades of paints with a tint of brightness in them. Light colours are perfect for a kid’s room as they have a happy notion attached to them. Also, lighter shades make your space look bigger.

Make Use Of Natural Light More

a dining room table: kids room decor

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kids room decor

Well, natural light is very essential for a kid’s growth. Therefore, equipping your child’s room with big windows is a great idea. Further, keep some small low maintenance plants in his room for a better supply of oxygen and finally move on to the wall decor.

Wall Decor

Go for a changeable wallpaper for one of the walls of his/her room. Get the wallpaper(wall designs to try at home) customized according to his liking. This will keep him interested in his room. Further, go shopping with your kid and ask him to choose what he would like to see on his walls. Arrange toys and simple wall hangings along with a separate cupboard or a rack for storing his toys.

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The Flooring

One of the most important aspects of the kid’s room is the flooring. Go for kid-friendly tiles that prevent your child from getting hurt if he/she falls down. These are great options to consider as they are cheap and easy to setup. So, design the dreamland for your kid with a minimalistic and holistic approach and you’re definitely going to rock!

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