Solar Power in Shreveport: An Overview

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Going solar is a way that we could turn to sustainable and renewable energy that would not only help us financially but could lessen our carbon footprint in the atmosphere and not depend on the grid as much as we are now. What is the future of solar energy? Here are some solar power ideas in Shreveport that would help you turn solar. Here is solar power in Shreveport: an overview.

What are the options for solar power?

  1. Grid-tied solar panels systems
  2. Off-grid system
  3. Grid-tied solar panel systems with energy storage

How can you determine a reliable solar power installer?

  1. Identify what type of solar company you want to associate with

Solar financing companies

Solar financing companies are companies who put their sole focus on helping you by providing you with some financial options for going solar, having had a deal with solar dealers and some solar installation companies to help you.

Solar panel dealers

Solar panel dealers put their focus on creating, developing, and in-house installation since they are the ones who usually have device permission and are equipped to sell specific products of a manufacturer.

Solar panel equipment manufacturers

If you are looking for equipment that you could use for solar panels and solar energy systems, then you could turn to solar equipment manufacturers. They usually cater to dollar installers and to individual shoppers.

Solar lead generation companies

If you are looking for more leads and sales from other types of solar companies, solar lead generation companies are the companies that focus solely on that, putting together some contract and solar sales appointments for you if you are looking for solar dealers, installers, and even full-service providers.

Solar panel installation companies

The solar panel installation companies are the companies that you would have to interact with the most since they are the ones who would buy the solar panels and then have their team of specialized experts install the solar panels for you. They will set the whole solar system up, from conducting a site evaluation, doing site visits, and installing the photovoltaic panels on your rooftop.

Full-services solar providers

If you are looking for companies that could provide you with the whole thing, from selling solar panels, providing more financial options, installing your panels, and providing maintenance, then you are looking for a full-service solar provider. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need when it comes to anything solar.

  1. Gather multiple quotes from all of these different solar companies
  • Do you have the necessary permits that are required to install solar in my city and state?
  • Have you ever installed solar panels or a solar system in a home that is near me?
  • How many panels do I need?
  • Are there any warranties that you could offer?
  • What is the whole coverage of the warranty?

The questions above are some of the questions that you could ask solar companies once you are inquiring and ask them any questions and concerns that you have.

Each solar energy contractor offers you different rates, and it is a very competitive scene, so you have to really thoroughly do your research and go over each possible solar company.

  1. Choose an expert solar company

When you are looking for a solar installer, you have to look at their expertise. Check if they passed the NABCEP test, a national standard certification program, and have at least 2 years of hands-on experience.

  1. Make sure the solar company is licensed

Before working with a solar company, make sure that they have the business licenses and insurance policies that they are going to need, like a general electrical contractor’s license and a C-10 license so that you know that they would be able to handle any wiring and electrical components in your solar system. 

  1. Their reputation and credibility

Looking at their past work would have to be the best way to check the reputation and the credibility of the solar company. You could check review sites like Yelp, Google, and EnergySage to see how they have treated their customers, customer service, and how credible and reputable they are.

  1. Ask if they have warranties and services for maintenance

Checking the possible warranties and maintenance services that they provide is something you have to do before you sign a contract with them so that when there is any problem that may arise, you know that you are covered in some sort of way.

Searching for the right solar system that you could trust and work with properly would really affect your experience as a solar-panel owner as they help you through the steps of transitioning from depending on the grid to having the solar energy option into your home.