An Eclectic Home With “Good Vibes” and Personality to Spare

There are DIY wannabes—and then there’s jewelry and fashion designer Ambre Dahan, who purchased her dream five-bedroom home in Los Angeles, then designed and decorated the entire thing herself. As in, without a contractor. “I painted everything. I redid all the bathrooms. I redid the kitchen. Put gates outside. I did some of the garden. I painted the kitchen floors,” she says over coffee in New York City’s Bowery Hotel during Fashion Week. “But I loved it. I’m a designer, so for me, design is all the same.”

When she first bought the 1920s-era house in 2017, she was lured by its sprawling garden, giant pool, metal windows, and good vibes, but she also couldn’t resist the house’s backstory. The seller was screenwriter Barbara Turner, who raised her two daughters there (one of them is actress Jennifer Jason Leigh); Dahan would be moving in with her own two daughters. (It’s

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Pregnant Bekah Martinez Tells Nick Viall to ‘Please Get Off’ Her Bed During Hilarious Home Tour

Nick Viall got a personal tour of Bekah Martinez’s L.A. apartment — and the result was downright hilarious. 

The two-time Bachelorette runner-up, 39, stopped by Martinez’s humble abode to check out how the Bachelor season 22 fan favorite, 25, has set up the home she shares with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, along with their one-year-old daughter, Ruth, and soon, their second child

The tour is part of Viall’s new video series with bedding company Brooklinen called Reality TV Apartments, where he peeks inside the homes of Bachelor Nation alums. 

Standing outside Martinez’s place, Viall breaks down the series’s premise, describing it as “the show where we take an in-depth look at your favorite reality TV stars and their not-so glamorous lives.”

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Martinez, who he calls by her show nickname “Baby Bekah,” opens

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Caitlin Wilson Creates a Miniature Version of Her Dallas Home

Louetta R. Clark

Into all things tiny and beautiful? House Beautiful gave 11 designers the same Victorian dollhouse and $500 to decorate it any way they wanted. A whole lot of crazy glue, DIY-ed accents, and miniature accessories later, we present Dollhouse Beautiful. Tune in every Tuesday at 12 for a new episode and to see how each designer created their miniature masterpiece.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the interior above is a room from designer Caitlin Wilson’s Dallas home. In fact, it’s from a much smaller project—1/12 the size, to be precise. To create a dollhouse for our Dollhouse Beautiful series, Wilson used her own home—with all its recognizable pale pastel colors—and her own furniture collection as inspiration. “I love blue-and-white, so obviously I had to use it for my dollhouse,” explains the designer of her color choice.

“This dollhouse is modeled after my own home.”

The decision made it easy for

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Inside Andrew Zuckerman and Niki Bergen’s Exuberant Manhattan Home

Louetta R. Clark

Step off the elevator into Niki Bergen and Andrew Zuckerman’s Manhattan apartment, and you’re instantly blitzed with images from nature—nature like you’ve never seen it before. At the far end of the hall, a nine-foot-tall grizzly bear rises up on its hind legs, locking eyes with you. Nearby, a ghostly snowy owl spreads its wings, frozen in mid-flight. Then there’s the expanse of floral wallpaper, arrayed with fanciful cannonball and Pride of Burma blooms.

This wild kingdom makes quite a first impression, and it continues throughout the 3,300-square-foot loft that the couple share with their three children in Chelsea. Everything is a thoughtful expression of personal and professional passions, explains Zuckerman, a photographer and filmmaker whose work explores the intersections of nature, culture, and technology. Captured in ultra–high resolution, against stark white backdrops, his celebrated images of flora and fauna have a hyperreal quality that’s “not quite pure, not quite

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