6 Boy-and-Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas for Keeping the Peace While Staying Stylish

Louetta R. Clark

From increased empathy to better sleep, there’s a wealth of benefits when siblings share a bedroom. But how do you handle decorating said room—especially when you’ve got a boy and a girl trying to cohabit there peacefully? We checked in with Alexa Battista, a public relations specialist for Wayfair, for some decor ideas everyone can get behind. She told us, “One of the easiest ways to achieve a gender-neutral aesthetic is to choose soft tones such as white, gray or calming shades of yellow, along with light patterns including stripes and geometric lines. This combination will add charm and creativity to a space without leaning toward a specific gender.” She also sings the virtue of peel-and-stick wallpaper, as well as signs, wall decor and pictures that speak to each kid’s personality.

Want some inspo? Check out these six smart ideas for boy-and-girl shared rooms that are as stylish as they

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