This 193-square-foot prefab ‘cocoon’ tiny home with a 180-degree window was inspired by luxury hotels and can be put together in 2 days

Louetta R. Clark

Kevin Dolmaire

  • French company Lumicene revealed its prefab tiny cabin in the woods.

  • Lumipod is a minimal luxury structure available in three sizes, with a glass window exterior.

  • The first Lumipod was installed in the French Alps, with plans to ship to the US and Australia in the works. 

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Lumicene, a French company known for its reversible, circular window design, has revealed its new Lumipod in the French Alps.

The Lumipod is a minimalist cabin-like structure designed as a “cocoon of simplicity” for people to escape the city for a weekend. The first one was installed in the French Alps for a client, giving 180 degree forest views while blending into the scenery. The tiny hotel has a minimal environmental impact, sitting on screw piles and able to be removed “without a trace.”

Lumicene’s designs extend beyong the Lumipod, too. They

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