The Best Kids’ Lamps for Every Bedroom or Playspace

Ambiance is probably one of the last things we think about when it comes to designing the playroom and bedroom setup for our kids. But the lamps we choose not only amp up the décor, they can make or break plenty of important experiences, too. Think about it: The light cast sets the mood, whether you’re busting out LEGOs and board games or winding down for the night and reading bedtime stories. That’s why we rounded up our favorite kids’ lamps, rated not only for their aesthetic, but for the warm glow they provide.

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There’s nothing more kid-friendly than a woodland or safari creature set atop a changing table or dresser. In this case, the squirrel and elephant show themselves in plain view while the fox features more of a peek-a-boo style—but all are certain to delight toddlers and big kids alike. As far as ambiance goes, these are accent lamps, meaning they’re not meant to light up the whole room. Still, the glow they cast is soft enough to read by.

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You probably know a certain three-year-old in your family who would freak out if they saw Olaf on a lamp. Sure, Frozen is a guaranteed hit, but Star Wars and vintage Mickey Mouse is sure to please, as well. Each fixture also provides its own unique lighting scheme. The Frozen lamp is perfect for a side table, Star Wars is a nice desk option, while Mickey Mouse works best as a nightlight.

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So, your kid is obsessed with the moon and the stars? They’ll undoubtedly be excited by these designs that are also mom-approved. Come on, kids’ décor that’s still minimalist? Be still our heart. As far as lighting goes, the rainbow and star lamps can cast up to 60 watts. However, the cloud lamp is meant to be much dimmer (the bulb that comes included is just 9 watts), but it still gives off plenty of warmth.

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For the budding marine biologist, space explorer or paleontologist, these lamps offer subtle—and smart—references to their dream careers. The shark even looks like a traditional lamp base—minus the toothy overbite, of course. And if your kid’s into rockets and dinosaurs, they’ll love that the craftmanship on these don’t leave any detail out. Each one makes for an ideal bedside table lamp, just keep in mind that the dino comes with a larger footprint, given size of the base.

Buy it: Target ($35); Pottery Barn Kids ($159; $119); Pottery Barn Kids ($149; $104)

Got a nervous sleeper on your hands? These sheep-focused styles will provide the perfect distraction as they drift off. Teach them the secret to counting sheep or you simply remind them that the fluffy animal is basically a prerequisite to getting quality shuteye. Both of these styles are playful and sweet, but also cast a medium amount of light (up to 40 watts).

Buy it: Wayfair ($48); Wayfair ($127)

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