Things From Walmart For Your Bedroom

A few quick upgrades and it’ll feel like you have a brand new space.

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A multifunctional decorative mirrored tray that you can place some vibrant flowers on or serve a luxe breakfast in bed with.


Promising review: “I bought this a few days ago and I love the way it looks on my table.” —Zandra 57

Price: $60.47


A sunburst wall mirror to bring light and texture into your space. Not only will this be the perfect way to check your makeup before you leave the house but it will also add some fun wall decor to your room.


Promising review: “A beautiful piece that really brightens up the room. It seems even bigger in real life! Very nice for the price and perfect for my mid-century modern furniture.” —Douggondogo

Price: $73.81


A vanity because yes, you deserve an elegant place to get ready in the morning or for a night out with the girls. This has plenty of drawer space for storing makeup and other essentials so you don’t have to deal with a cluttered surface area.


Promising review: “I am so in love with my vanity! It came much sooner than the expected date and it came in great condition! There’s decent storage space. The drawers are not that deep but deep enough to place most of your beauty essentials. There’s plenty of space up top for my beauty supplies and additional storage that I’ve placed myself.” —NatashaGrace

Price: $268.94+ (available in four colors)


A set of airy ruffle curtains for a look that feels more akin to that of Buckingham palace than your tiny apartment. Bask in the glow of the sun peeking through these babies every morning.


The curtains are 54 inches by 84 inches.

Promising review: “These curtains are absolutely beautiful. They look exactly how I pictured. I have had so many compliments on these curtains. Well worth the money.” —Diane

Price: $44.97 (available in three colors)


A shag rug that will give your feet a plush, cushiony surface to walk on after a long day at work. Your feet *and* your eyes will thank you.


Promising review: “This rug is such a wonderful surprise. It is shaggy and feels so soft on your feet. If you’re looking for a very thick rug this is not for you, but if you’re looking for an affordable shaggy rug, this is the rug for you. So happy I bought this rug. I plan to buy another one.” —iz

Price: $26.74+ (available in 24 sizes and eight colors)


A refined glass desk because a lot of us are still working from home and at this point, that beat-up old desk just isn’t cutting it anymore. Upgrade with this gorgeous gold addition so you can feel like the sophisticated boss you are.


Promising review: “This desk is a classic beauty. It’s a great length and the height is wonderful as well. The glass is very thick and seems very sturdy.” —Audrey

Price: $129.99


An acrylic desk chair for your WFH station that has as much aesthetic charm as it does function. This adjustable contemporary chair will add some modern vibes to your workstation.


Promising review: “This chair is so cute! It’s comfortable, easy to adjust, and easy to move around. It took me five minutes to assemble, which was so great (and so easy).” —MGS

Price: $79.97 (available in four colors)


A cordless window shade so you can have full control of the amount of sunlight that peeks through your window. Plus, this shade will keep passersby from seeing into your room when you change — perfect for street-facing homes.


Promising review: “These blinds look great in our living room! The double layered look has gotten so many compliments! The shades let in so much light when they’re open but give great privacy when they’re closed.” —Angela

Price: $31.63+ (originally $44.39+, available in three colors and 13 sizes )


A textured comforter set for a breezy but classic bedroom look. The ruffled edges of this comforter and sham set will add a whimsical aesthetic to your decor.


Promising review:This comforter is amazing and looks like a very expensive item. I got a queen for our queen bed and it falls beautifully. I love the comfortable feel of it and got it in white.” —Tam

Price: $115.46+ (available in full/queen and king and three colors)


A velvet wingback accent chair that you can curl up in with a good book but still be in love with when it’s not in use. This colorful piece will add a fun touch of glamour to your bedroom.


Promising review: “My wife picked this one up on Walmart. It has lifted the mood of our living room, adding sophistication and elegance.” —RahulB

Price: $277.55


A set of curtain lights for a glam upgrade to your bedroom’s drapes. Give your space the feel of an ethereal starry night with just the flick of a switch.


Promising review: “They are absolutely beautiful. Settings work. Plan on ordering more.” —Doglover

Price: $19.98+ (available in two styles and two colors)


A wall hook rack that will add style and function to your room. Hang your hats, scarves, robes and favorite fall ~shacket~ for all to see while also clearing up some much-needed closet space.


Promising review: “I love the design of these. You can go horizontal or vertical. My only regret is not ordering more than two because I want two for my room. I didn’t want to share. Strong metal, not flimsy or bendable.” —Melissa

Price: $16.91


A 25-pack of velvet hangers because the true meaning of luxury is having enough places to hang *all* your clothes. No more doubling up shirts and jackets on the same hanger.


Promising review: “I bought all new hangers for my closet. The hangers are slim, which is great for spacing. My clothes do not fall off the hangers.” —MelindaS.

Price: $14.08+ (available in four colors)


A set of wall planters to give your room a geometric upgrade. Hanging plants from your wall instead of your ceiling is as luxe as it gets.


Promising review: “Not only it is beautiful but also well made. The details to design are superb, it came with the matching hanging brass nail which made it easy to hang and made the vessels look perfect.” —Smita

Price: $17+ (originally $19, available in three colors)


A rustic whitewashed lamp with a distressed look to level up your nightstand’s lamp game. Give your eyes the reading light they deserve and your room the decor upgrade it needs.


Promising review: “I received this lamp yesterday and I am thrilled! I bought two for our bedroom nightstands in the 21” height which is a great size. I chose the distressed black color which looks to be a very dark charcoal grey color that fits my decor perfectly. The shades are beautiful as well and are a linen color which softens the light very nicely. The quality is excellent and both came packaged very securely and arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a stylish side table lamp at a great price!” —Karen

Price: $25.20+ (available in three colors and two sizes)


A bronze metal headboard so you can feel like you’re sleeping in a Mediterranean villa instead of your normal bedroom. Hello, luxury.


Promising review: “Absolutely love this headboard. Came with all the parts plus extra parts and so easy to assemble. Very sturdy and beautiful and just what I expected.” —Sheri

Price: $45


A nightstand with a drawer to give your bedroom alllll the minimalist class. Show off your books and plants in the open bottom space and hide your less cute items in the drawer.


Promising review:Took a chance and so glad I did — matches our expensive bed frame almost perfectly and isn’t too short or too tall. Sturdier than I thought it would be and not too difficult to put together. Highly recommend if you’re on a budget!” —Tiaa

Price: $49 (available in five colors)


A floor pillow perfect for lounging on when your cat demands belly scratches or for friends to relax on when all the bed space is taken.


Promising review: “I bought this so that I could play with my pups at their level. The moment I set it on the ground my chihuahua claimed it. I love the deep/rich navy color but it looks like I’ll need to get another for myself!” —Julio

Price: $34 (available in five colors)


A beaded pendant chandelier to upgrade your whole lighting situation. The beaded boho design will make this fixture the standout centerpiece of your bedroom.


Promising review: “This chandelier is even more beautiful in person, I am absolutely OBSESSED! I get so many compliments on it, it’s definitely one of those items people notice and stands out. So beautiful.” —kelli

Price: $149 (originally $249.99, available in two colors)


A display wardrobe to showcase your most fashionable wardrobe staples. Display all your beloved hats, shoes, and jackets while also clearing up precious closet space.


Promising review: “Very sturdy and easy to put together. Compact size is perfect for my studio apartment.” —Andrea

Price: $157.22 


A plush throw blanket to curl up with during the colder months and drape over your bed during the warmer months. We love a versatile decor piece.


Promising review:This blanket is incredibly soft and traps the warmth. Perfect for winters when you want to snuggle with your book. Isn’t a full size but enough to wrap around you comfortably. And the quality for the price is unbelievable! Honestly, I didn’t have a high expectation for the price but this one delighted me! I haven’t stopped using it since I ordered. Planning to buy a few more to add coziness around the house.” —Sonali

Price: $8.88


An arched full-length floor mirror that screams high fashion. I mean, can you imagine checking out your outfit in this gorgeous item every single day? Consider it a must-buy.


Promising review: “Absolutely love this mirror. Great quality and just the right size and style for what I was looking for. ” —Vickie

Price: $348


An abstract wall painting to add some character to your bedroom’s gallery wall. Put on some jazz and drink a glass of red wine while you stare at this dynamic painting.


Promising review: “This is truly a worthy piece of art — cute and beautiful design.” —Angie

Price: $20.69+ (originally $26.02, available in seven sizes and three styles)


An ottoman bench because there is literally nothing more luxurious than owning a bench. Glam up your room with this beautiful accent piece at the foot of your bed. *Bonus* — you can move it to the entryway when you need to.


A wall clock with Roman numerals that will add sophistication to your bedroom while also helping you get to brunch on time.


Promising review: “When opening this, I was shocked at the beauty, craftsmanship, and size of this elegant wall clock. I only hoped it would keep time! Inserted AA battery (not included), set the time, hung it, and it’s been telling the accurate time ever since. Love it!” —Chuck1252

Price: $24.96


A ceramic wax warmer to step up your room’s decor from standard candles. Melt some fragrant wax with a simple tea light candle and feel the luxury wash over you.


Promising review: “Can’t say enough about these little tea light wax warmers! Put these with some Dollar Tree tea light candles and you have the perfect set in your room. You can’t beat the price, they are only a dollar! I recommend them to all my girlfriends.” —junebug2013

Price: $1


An organizing makeup or jewelry drawer that will clean up your counter space *and* give you easy access to your morning essentials. Say goodbye to the mess of brushes and containers that currently litters your dresser.


Promising review: “I use this on my vanity. Holds all my makeup neatly, and out of sight.” —Loobner

Price: $22.95


A braided lumbar pillow for back support and chic decor. The simple, neutral design of this pillow makes it the perfect accessory and won’t overpower more minimalist rooms.


Promising review: “I absolutely love these pillows! The texture and style look super expensive! They are very stylish and come in lots of colors.” —nottoohappy

Price: $27.98+ (available in four sizes and 12 colors)


A glass votive to give your ambiance game an upgrade. Say hello to absolute luxury in the form of a beautiful glass candle holder.


Promising review: “Gorgeous. Carries light beautifully.” —GailB

Price: $2.84


A set of wood laminate wall shelves to take some of your decorations from their classic tabletop position to an elevated wall position.


Promising review: “Love these shelves! Helps to organize better my kitchen and goes very well with the color combination I have.” —Cmmn

Price: $24.38 (originally $30)


And a small bookcase that can add a high-end touch to a bedroom without having to invest in a full-fledged bookcase. It’s about finding what works for you.


Promising review: “I bought this three months ago and it has done a wonderful job of storing all of my things. It is sturdy and well built. At first, when I finished putting together, it seemed a little wobbly. But then I put weight into it and has done wonders!” —iNFiNiTEUNiVERZgmailcom

Price: $89 (available in two colors)

*You every time you see your new room upgrades.*

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