Things To Consider When Choosing Timber Floors In Epping

When you are planning to create a stylish home, its flooring has a critical role to play. The specialty of timber flooring in Epping is both beautiful and pleasant to walk upon. However, when choosing a hardwood floor, some of the most important things that you ought to consider are its appearance, feel colour, and ease of maintenance.

Factors that we ought to keep in mind while choosing timber flooring in Epping:

  • Focus on the Floor and the Room:

The three fundamental elements of a room are the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. All these elements together create the ambience of a room. The interaction between all three elements can create the perfect effect in your room.  If you are looking for timber flooring in Epping always keep in mind that rightly choosing the floor can create the room’s base, weight, and character of the room. However, along with the floor, it is important that you pay attention to the furniture and the other décor elements of the room. Always keep in mind that the floor is the place where the amalgamation of fashion and style happens.

  • Be attentive towards the Foundation of the Floor:

Do not forget that the floor of your home is much more than a space to walk upon. Hence, when designing a room, the first focus should be on the floor. It is because as far as walls are concerned you can repaint them as and when required but when it comes to the floor it is of a more permanent nature, thus choosing it with care is most important. For example, you can go wild with your imaginations when choosing the style of your floor. You can choose anything between Birch, Walnut, Maple, or Oak. Also, you can go for subdued colours or the more vibrant ones and give your room a look of your choice.

  • Colour of the Floor:

Did you know when choosing timber flooring in Epping, the colour of the floor has a vital role to play? The colour of the floor determines the way a room is perceived. If you are going for a dark-colour floor, keep in mind that it absorbs a lot of light but at the same time, it creates a lot of warmth and cosiness around. On the other hand, a timber floor, which has a lighter colour reflects light and makes the room look spacious.

  • Decide on the Type of Floor:

Before you decide on the type of floor, it is essential that you have a clear idea about the place where you would like to install the floor and the amount of wear and tear it shall involve. If you go for a lacquered surface, cleaning the floor is easy-peasy while a timber-floor that has an oily finish brings out the finer structure of the wood and gives a boost to its natural colour. At the same time, the hardness of the floor, and the possibility of re-sanding should also be taken into consideration.