This $89 Design Service Completely Transformed My Tiny NYC Bedroom

Photo credit: Right: Lucy Schaeffer Photography
Photo credit: Right: Lucy Schaeffer Photography

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Above: Before and after Modsy designers worked their magic on the previous tenant’s bedroom to create the perfect room for me.

When I decided to move back to New York City and into a three bedroom apartment with two roommates, I knew my new tiny room on the Upper East Side would take some getting used to, but I signed the lease faster than I could say “I love NY,” anyway (I mean…there was a dishwasher).

Photo credit: House Beautiful
Photo credit: House Beautiful

The previous tenant had her full bed pushed up against the shortest wall next to the window, a piano keyboard and bookshelves squeezed snuggly next to it, and just enough space for a tall dresser to stand at the foot of the bed before the door.

It certainly wasn’t anything special, but I believed in it. Because the truth of the matter was, though it was small, the space was being seriously underutilized, I just had no idea where to begin to make it work, so I needed help. That’s where Modsy—an online design platform that takes photos of your space and creates shoppable 3D digital renderings for you to replicate—came in.

After going through the easy seven step process (see them step-by-step below), which included a Style Quiz, the final 3D designs were sent to me in a week. I was shocked how simply rearranging the furniture and incorporating a cohesive color palette could open up the room. From there, I worked with the designers to make the space feel more “me.” Together, we chose a mix of abstract paintings and photographs for the walls, a rug that complemented the pillows and blankets on the bed, and a pink velvet chair that popped in the otherwise-mellow space. In the end, we landed on these final renderings:

Once the concept was finished, it was time to bring it to life. With the push of a few buttons and several online orders later, the room came together, piece by piece. Now, the once tiny, unremarkable room looks like this:

To say I am thrilled with how it came out in the end would be an understatement. So much so that my roommates and I decided to work with them on our living room space as well. If you’re considering using the service, keep scrolling for a step-by-step breakdown of how it works and what to expect.

Here’s How Modsy Works:

Step 1: Click Start Your Project on (or download Modsy’s free app) to answer the following questions:

  • Which room(s) are you designing?

  • Why do you want to redesign your space?

  • How finished is your space?

  • What is your overall budget for the project?

  • Which design styles are you drawn to?

Step 2: Create an account using your email.

Step 3: Select the design package that works best for your project:

  • Classic ($89): you’ll get a 3D model of your exact room with two initial design plans based on your Style Quiz results, and unlimited revisions so your final design is exactly what you want.

  • Premium ($159): you’ll get everything from the Classic package, plus unlimited access to your dedicated designer from start to finish.

  • Multi-Room ($259): you’ll get everything in the Premium package and design three rooms at once.

  • Luxe ($499): you’ll get everything included in the Premium package, plus unlimited communication with your dedicated designer, as well as paint and window treatment recommendations and free priority service.

Step 4: Show Modsy your space by submitting before photos and measurements of the space, or, download their app and scan your room with your phone’s camera. Modsy’s proprietary technology will capture the dimensions and details of your space, no tape measurer needed.

Step 5: Receive 2 custom 3D design plans of your room(s) created by Modsy Designers.

Step 6: Fine tune your design(s) using the Live Swap feature to virtually “try on” different pieces in your space.

Step 7: Shop your designs and buy the pieces you want to complete the room.

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