Top Sea Island Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design, Weighs in on the Impact Linens can have on Bedroom Design

Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design by Dina Varner, explores different bedding options as design elements, and how their use can impact bedroom aesthetics.

SEA ISLAND, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2020 / Designing a calm sleeping space that is luxurious, beautiful, and spacious is achievable with the use of linens. Understanding how to use these different bedding pieces as design elements will help you tie a room together and create a tailored, finished look. Consider something as simple as a duvet cover or bedspread. The difference in the material choices alone can shape the overall design of a room. The same color or style of the bedspread in silk versus cotton as an example will create an entirely different aesthetic.

Small details such as shams, cases, throws and bed skirts complete a room. You can use pillowcases or shams that match your bedspread for a more traditional feel, or you could choose to buy a separate set to introduce more modern aspects to your bedroom. Throw pillows and blankets are another way to inject color and tie the room together.

Bed skirts can fall into the more traditional category for most people, but there are many very sleek and modern styles available today. For a traditionally styled room, the pleated skirts will often invoke nostalgia. Conversely, straight and elegant bed skirts with modern designs or semi-reflective fabrics will convey a fashion-forward, contemporary take.

Curating linens for your bedroom will allow you to experience a room makeover and can determine the style of your space. Whether you choose a modern or traditional theme for your room, using bedroom linens will tie each aspect together and create a finished look.

About VPI Design by Dina Varner

Dina Varner is founder and creative director of VPI Design, an Atlanta and Sea Island Interior Design Firm working with both residential and commercial clients. She and her husband have been in the commercial construction industry for many years. Her inspiration comes from over twenty-five years of collecting and selling art and antiques through venues like Sotheby’s, Babcock Gallery, and Christie’s. This love of art and antiques started as a passion and has evolved into a successful business. Dina’s rich southern heritage, in addition to her love of fashion and travel, also act as her creative influence. The VPI Design team work together with a distinct flair for aesthetic insight into unique designs exhibiting elegance and style. They explore the use of light and texture for an organic appealing experience in every timeless interior. Combinations of art deco, vintage, and contemporary styles are combined to create elegance while simultaneously exuding simplicity and comfort in each living space. Her designers enjoy getting to know their clients personally to create a home that suits their individual taste. Dina believes that every aspect of a room should complement one another to tell a unique story.

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